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"I wanted to do whatever Amazing Thing I was

expected to do... and be done with it.

Go to sleep.

Go to a heaven where there was nothing but

bathtubs and books."

— Marya Hornbacher


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"All things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams."

-Elias Canetti

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She knew if she loved him she could make him
happy, but she didn’t. Or she did, but it sank
into itself like a hole and curled up content.
Surrounded by the blur of her own movements, the
thought of making him happy was very dear to her.
She moved it from place to place, a surprise she
never opened. She slept alone at night, soul of
a naked priest in her sweet body. Small soft hands,
a bread of desire rising in her stomach. When she
lay down with the man she loved and didn’t, the
man opened and opened. Inside him an acrobat
tumbled over death. And walked thin wires with
nothing above or below. She cried, he was so
beautiful in his scarlet tights and white face
the size of a dime.

—Jayne Anne Phillips, “Happy”

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I have so much to say to you that I am afraid I shall tell you nothing.
-Fyodor Dostoevsky (via alcools)

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"Where I went, no one could follow. Yet someone managed to hold my hand.”
-John Banville

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"The bad thing about terrible misfortunes, the kind that tear us apart and appear to be unendurable, is that those who suffer them believe or almost demand that the world should end right there, and yet the world pays no heed and carries on regardless and even tugs at the sleeve of the person who suffered the misfortune…"
-Javier Marias 

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“My God, he couldn’t help thinking, how terrible it is to be that age, to have emotions so near the surface that the slightest turbulence causes them to boil over. That, very simply, was what adulthood must be all about — acquiring the skill to bury things more deeply. Out of sight and, whenever possible, out of mind.”

-Richard Russo

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"However gnawing a deficiency, satiety is worse… We are meant to be hungry.”

-Lionel Shriver

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